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Welcome to the Altadena Golf Course, where golfing meets nature in the heart of California! Our golf course is designed to provide a unique and enchanting experience that harmonizes with the local wildlife, featuring a diverse array of flora and fauna native to the Altadena / Pasadena area.

As you traverse through the course, you'll encounter the natural beauty of the surroundings, complete with sightings of majestic coyotes, great horned owl, soaring red-tailed hawks, and playful ground squirrels. Our commitment to preserving the natural habitat ensures that you can enjoy your golfing experience while coexisting with the rich wildlife that calls Altadena home.

Efficient water management is a top priority at Altadena Golf Course. We have implemented cutting-edge strategies to maximize water conservation without compromising the quality of the course. Serene artificial lakes, carefully crafted ponds, and strategically placed water features not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also serve as vital sources for irrigation and as sanctuaries for the diverse wildlife that inhabits the course. The course shares much of the water from the Colorado River Aqueduct. 

Embark on a golfing journey at Altadena Golf Course, where the perfect blend of nature and sport awaits you. Experience the thrill of the game while immersing yourself in the beauty of California's diverse wildlife and pristine landscapes.